Hi, I'm Ian, you're probably not. 24, Irish :)


I’m super tired, super bored and super single again as of like 2 weeks ago.

So gona open the floor to a ‘ask me anything’ because sometimes you guys ask the most random entertaining stuff ha

So I’m Ian, just turned 24 & Irish - AMA :)



this is the best thing since sliced bread I’m not kidding


pete loves carl pass it on 


Line breaks: soul|mate

Pronounciation: /ˈsəʊlmeɪt
  • A person who strongly resembles another in attitudes or beliefs
  • A person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

Countless odd religions too,
It doesn’t matter which you choose.

“Please ask”

  1. What is you middle name?
  2. How old are you?
  3. What is your birthday?
  4. What is your zodiac sign?
  5. What is your favorite color?
  6. What’s your lucky number?
  7. Do you have any pets?
  8. Where are you from?
  9. How tall are you?
  10. What shoe size are you?
  11. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
  12. What was your last dream about?
  13. What talents do you have?
  14. Are you psychic in any way?
  15. Favorite song?
  16. Favorite movie?
  17. Who would be your ideal partner?
  18. Do you want children?
  19. Do you want a church wedding?
  20. Are you religious?
  21. Have you ever been to the hospital?
  22. Have you ever got in trouble with the law?
  23. Have you ever met any celebrities?
  24. Baths or showers?
  25. What color socks are you wearing?
  26. Have you ever been famous?
  27. Would you like to be a big celebrity?
  28. What type of music do you like?
  29. Have you ever been skinny dipping?
  30. How many pillows do you sleep with?
  31. What position do you usually sleep in?
  32. How big is your house?
  33. What do you typically have for breakfast?
  34. Have you ever fired a gun?
  35. Have you ever tried archery?
  36. Favorite clean word?
  37. Favorite swear word?
  38. What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without sleep?
  39. Do you have any scars?
  40. Have you ever had a secret admirer?
  41. Are you a good liar?
  42. Are you a good judge of character?
  43. Can you do any other accents other than your own?
  44. Do you have a strong accent?
  45. What is your favorite accent?
  46. What is your personality type?
  47. What is your most expensive piece of clothing?
  48. Can you curl your tongue?
  49. Are you an innie or an outie?
  50. Left or right handed?
  51. Are you scared of spiders?
  52. Favorite food?
  53. Favorite foreign food?
  54. Are you a clean or messy person?
  55. Most used phrased?
  56. Most used word?
  57. How long does it take for you to get ready?
  58. Do you have much of an ego?
  59. Do you suck or bite lollipops?
  60. Do you talk to yourself?
  61. Do you sing to yourself?
  62. Are you a good singer?
  63. Biggest Fear?
  64. Are you a gossip?
  65. Best dramatic movie you’ve seen?
  66. Do you like long or short hair?
  67. Can you name all 50 states of America?
  68. Favorite school subject?
  69. Extrovert or Introvert?
  70. Have you ever been scuba diving?
  71. What makes you nervous?
  72. Are you scared of the dark?
  73. Do you correct people when they make mistakes?
  74. Are you ticklish?
  75. Have you ever started a rumor?
  76. Have you ever been in a position of authority?
  77. Have you ever drank underage?
  78. Have you ever done drugs?
  79. Who was your first real crush?
  80. How many piercings do you have?
  81. Can you roll your Rs?”
  82. How fast can you type?
  83. How fast can you run?
  84. What color is your hair?
  85. What color is your eyes?
  86. What are you allergic to?
  87. Do you keep a journal?
  88. What do your parents do?
  89. Do you like your age?
  90. What makes you angry?
  91. Do you like your own name?
  92. Have you already thought of baby names, and if so what are they?
  93. Do you want a boy a girl for a child?
  94. What are you strengths?
  95. What are your weaknesses?
  96. How did you get your name?
  97. Were your ancestors royalty?
  98. Do you have any scars?
  99. Color of your bedspread?
  100. Color of your room?
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“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.”

– Gautama Buddha (via purplebuddhaproject)


I was walking home today from my friend’s house and I walked past a house and this dog just stuck his head underneath the fence. 

me and the girrrrl :)

me and the girrrrl :)